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3 New Trends That Can Transform Your Garage Door

For years, the front has gotten a lot of the attention when it comes to upgrading the home. Whether homeowners painted it a bold color, outfitted it with top-of-the line hardware, or placed a pair of stunning urns beside it, the door was all about greeting visitors with some type of statement.

It appears that the garage door is the next frontier in creating curb appeal. Here are three trends that have been developing for garage doors.

1.  Attention-getting design. Forget about garages settling in the background. Garage doors are not only getting upgrades in bold colors and wood grain finishes, they’re starting to look like the rest of the house.

One of these biggest trends is the use of windows to enhance the design. We’re not just talking about small windows. New trends for 2016 are seeing expansive windows being added to garage doors.

2.  Improved insulation. Most garage doors are big enough for two cars. Maybe more. Without proper insulation, there could be a lot of heat unnecessarily escaping your home — contributing to costly utility bills. That’s why many garage door manufacturers are now including insulated doors as part of their inventory. According to, steel doors with polyurethane foam insulation are among the most highly insulated doors you can purchase.

3.  Low-stress entry. The electric garage door seemed pretty revolutionary when it was invented back in 1926 by an Indiana guy. Since then, remote openers and keypads have come on the scene — making it seem unlikely that anything could improve upon this combination.

But along with the Internet of Things came the ability to open and close your garage door — equipped with nothing but a smartphone and an Internet connection. And, if for any reason, you need to open it remotely from miles away, say to let the dog sitter in, you can do the job.

There’s nothing to keep garage doors from standing out as one of the home’s main attractions. With technology, innovations in building materials, and decorating trends leading the way, you have an increasing number of options to make your garage stand out.

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