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3 Ways to Protect Commercial Warehouse Docks and Reduce Costs

You may be paying more than necessary to operate and maintain your commercial warehouse dock. Unexpected operational expenses can drain the business— expenses like wear and tear from vehicles bumping into buildings, high utility costs from improper insulation and irregular maintenance checks. If something is dysfunctional or unusable at the time on the dock–or if a problem isn’t caught in time–then production, time and money is lost.

Fortunately there are simple, inexpensive solutions. We recommend scheduled, routine maintenance checks and dock equipment deals, which include dock seals, levelers and bumpers to:

  • Prevent and minimize on-site accidents
  • Maintain a smooth business flow for products
  • Save on energy costs  

Dock bumpers sit between the dock loading area and trucks to cushion for support and protection. They prevent wear and tear caused by daily contact between the truck and docks and help you save thousands of dollars in damage.  

Dock seals protect the warehouse interior from seasonal elements, improve internal working conditions and reduce energy costs.

Dock Levelers provide a smooth path for loading, making the process more efficient. Levelers bridge the gap between trucks and docks, because they weren’t designed with a standard level.

Wear and tear eventually runs it course, so it’s wise to stay on top of trouble spots in operation. We can help. Midwest Garage Door Systems specializes in the sales, service, installation and maintenance of commercial entry, rolling steel, fire, high speed doors and dock levelers, seals and hoods, and insulation. For 31 years, we have served Indianapolis and central Indiana.

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