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Why Semi-Trailer Door Maintenance is a Critical Investment

Commercial truck drivers log a whopping 140 billion miles on U.S. roads each year, with a single driver averaging 45,000 miles, according to the Federal Highway Administration. With semis comprising 42 percent of that transportation activity, it’s no surprise that semi-trailers undergo significant wear and abuse. Maintaining these vehicles, including semi-trailer doors, is essential to keeping them operating efficiently. At Midwest Garage Doors, we specialize semi-tractor trailers compliance according to Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration guidelines, which specify that “every […]

Essential Buying Tips for Commercial Garage Door Installation

As with most aspects of a warehouse or industrial operation, commercial garage doors are designed to be heavy duty, typically made of steel or other durable materials. That durability and strength also plays a role in securing an entry into the building. As a building owner or supervisor, what factors should you consider when investing in a garage door? Assess your operations. Consider daily activities: is the garage being used four to five times per day? Or more than 30 […]

Tips for Choosing Commercial Garage Door Repair Services

Accidents happen. Inevitability something will go wrong at your manufacturing plant or business operations. You can minimize injury risk and expense by understanding the best way to handle commercial garage door damage. We’ve outlined tips below: Engage a commercial garage door technician. There are significant differences among the types of commercial garage doors on the market, depending on material, function, and style. Choose a repair service with extensive experience in handling your door type. Repair quickly. It may cost the […]

Infographic: Your Garage Door – Repair or Replace?

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