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Why Semi-Trailer Door Maintenance is a Critical Investment

Commercial truck drivers log a whopping 140 billion miles on U.S. roads each year, with a single driver averaging 45,000 miles, according to the Federal Highway Administration. With semis comprising 42 percent of that transportation activity, it’s no surprise that semi-trailers undergo significant wear and abuse. Maintaining these vehicles, including semi-trailer doors, is essential to keeping them operating efficiently. At Midwest Garage Doors, we specialize semi-tractor trailers compliance according to Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration guidelines, which specify that “every […]

Maximize Garage Storage with a Side Mount Garage Door Opener

High ceilings aren’t just favored inside the home these days–expansive space is being built into garages, allowing for extra storage among other uses. This does call for a new approach to garage doors, since traditional structures, which use a centrally-placed trolley bar, cut into the above fly space and block access. Side-mount garage door openers are a solution to the problem because they move the pulley system to either side of the guide tracks and give you more room overhead. […]

Smart Tips for Keeping Your Garage Cool During Summer

A garage is an important extension of any home, whether it’s used primarily as a place to keep cars or as an active work area. But in the summer months, garages are notorious for becoming unbearably hot, making them less desirable to be in for any period of time. Below are some helpful tips for keeping your garage cool when the heat rises, which will be especially important for your comfort if you use your garage frequently for hobbies or […]

3 Ways to Protect Commercial Warehouse Docks and Reduce Costs

You may be paying more than necessary to operate and maintain your commercial warehouse dock. Unexpected operational expenses can drain the business— expenses like wear and tear from vehicles bumping into buildings, high utility costs from improper insulation and irregular maintenance checks. If something is dysfunctional or unusable at the time on the dock–or if a problem isn’t caught in time–then production, time and money is lost. Fortunately there are simple, inexpensive solutions. We recommend scheduled, routine maintenance checks and […]

7 Things You Should Know About Garage Doors

Today’s garage doors not only look smart–they are smart. It’s important that yours makes a statement, since garage doors comprise 40 percent of a home’s curb appeal and often serve as the main entryway. What are your options in terms of design and functionality? There are many options that homeowners can choose from, including: Carriage style fronts High-end contemporary glass Steel features Arched and grooved wood panels Smart features like automated opening systems With so many choices on the market, […]

Which Garage Door is Right for You?

It’s likely you’re considering an array of choices when it comes to home remodels, everything from flooring, tiling, paint chips, appliances–an endless number of options to suit your tastes and budget. There’s one more thing you should consider when updating your home: the garage door. Garage door options have exploded exponentially in the past decade or so. You’ll want to weigh your many options for this prominent and frequently-used part of your home. A garage door replacement could be the […]

How to Recover From Garage Door Vandalism

Maintaining a well-kept garage door sends a message to your neighborhood. But what if someone posted and unwanted message to your neighborhood using your property? Vandalism on your garage door is upsetting. It’s best to remove as soon as possible before it causes concern for your community. Can vandalism encourage violence in your neighborhood? Vandalism can raise questions about public safety. For example, if you allow graffiti to stay on your property, it sends the message that the neighborhood is […]