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3 Ways Smart Home Technology Can Actually Change Your Life

At times, it seems like technology is advancing faster than we can even think about purchasing it. Manufacturers are introducing new models of phones and tablets every few months. Now it appears that technology is hitting another major frontier — your home. Smart home technology, which changes the way you interact with your home, already has been embraced by 28 percent of Americans, according to a 2015 survey.  The reasons these early adopters give for buying into smart home devices […]

Loop Detectors

Loop Detectors Alert Businesses to Incoming Vehicles With everything businesses have to do in a given day, there’s hardly time to watch for an approaching vehicle. Thanks to loop detectors, those businesses set up operations to either open a gate or send an alert to staff that a vehicle has arrived. This gives staff the freedom to concentrate on other tasks, only stopping when the next shipment has arrived. If a loop detector is installed prior to asphalt being poured, […]

Gate Operators

Gate Operators Provide State-of-the-Art Gate Control For many businesses that deal with deliveries throughout the day, keeping up with the comings and goings of trucks and other vehicles can be challenging. Businesses need a security access point to prevent unwelcome vehicles from entering, but old-fashioned gates can slow drivers down, especially if they require drivers to exit their vehicles to manually operate those gates. Since much of this traffic is recurring, a gate operator can arm staff with the ability […]