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Infographic: Your Garage Door – Repair or Replace?

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How to Recover From Garage Door Vandalism

Maintaining a well-kept garage door sends a message to your neighborhood. But what if someone posted and unwanted message to your neighborhood using your property? Vandalism on your garage door is upsetting. It’s best to remove as soon as possible before it causes concern for your community. Can vandalism encourage violence in your neighborhood? Vandalism can raise questions about public safety. For example, if you allow graffiti to stay on your property, it sends the message that the neighborhood is […]

Which Garage Door is Right for You?

It’s likely you’re considering an array of choices when it comes to home remodels, everything from flooring, tiling, paint chips, appliances–an endless number of options to suit your tastes and budget. There’s one more thing you should consider when updating your home: the garage door. Garage door options have exploded exponentially in the past decade or so. You’ll want to weigh your many options for this prominent and frequently-used part of your home. A garage door replacement could be the […]

4 Upgrades that Make a Garage More Comfortable

More than likely, you put in plenty of effort to make your home welcoming year-round, whether it’s a fresh coat of paint in your bathroom, the addition of plants next to your entryway or a complete renovation of your kitchen. But when was the last time you really assessed your garage? Some of the most common complaints homeowners have about their garages are that they’re too dark or dirty, and they’re uncomfortable in hot or cold weather. But a few […]

Extend Living Space With These New Garage Trends

With garages making up about 30 percent of your home, you may want to consider a growing trend to transform the garage into something else entirely different. Of course, it depends upon how keen you are about keeping your car in the garage. But if you’re already cluttering your garage with just stuff — not your car, consider these alternatives. They may inspire you to start a new project. Sunroom Imagine sitting in your sunroom feeling the sun and a […]