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Essential Buying Tips for Commercial Garage Door Installation

As with most aspects of a warehouse or industrial operation, commercial garage doors are designed to be heavy duty, typically made of steel or other durable materials. That durability and strength also plays a role in securing an entry into the building. As a building owner or supervisor, what factors should you consider when investing in a garage door?

  • Assess your operations. Consider daily activities: is the garage being used four to five times per day? Or more than 30 to 40? A professional garage installer should be able to help you narrow your choices based upon the type and frequency of use.
  • Opener. Is manual operation or a power opener more efficient? Opening heavy commercial garage doors, especially frequently, can lead to shoulder and back stress if manual operation is involved. By contrast, power openers should have the required horsepower to handle the door weight and frequency of use.
  • Compliance. Depending upon local and governmental regulations for your industry, certain types of garage doors may be required. Make sure any installations or upgrades are in compliance. Again, a professional garage tech with commercial experience can guide you.
  • Security. What level of security do you need? Heavy duty garages equipped with sensors and secure locking mechanisms could be key to protecting your inventory and employees.
  • Safety. Some operations must meet fire door/firewall safety requirements. However, all companies must consider additions to their facilities that keep safety at the forefront.

If you are considering an investment in upgrades or new commercial garage door installations, contact our team at Midwest Garage Doors. We have outfitted and serviced businesses throughout Central Indiana for more than 30 years.

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