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Extend Living Space With These New Garage Trends

With garages making up about 30 percent of your home, you may want to consider a growing trend to transform the garage into something else entirely different.

Of course, it depends upon how keen you are about keeping your car in the garage. But if you’re already cluttering your garage with just stuff — not your car, consider these alternatives. They may inspire you to start a new project.


Imagine sitting in your sunroom feeling the sun and a cool breeze. Many people are removing their garage doors and replacing them with windows. By transforming your garage into a sunroom, you can invite the outdoors into your space. With more natural light flowing into the room, you also will make the space seem larger than it is.


Commercial clients are trending towards glass garage doors to turn industrial buildings into comfortable office spaces. In the home, people are buying these glass garage doors to give their homes a modern industrial touch connecting their family rooms to their decks and backyards, or creating their own office with a view.

Party room

Walls sliding open overhead assist in expanding room for guests and create an easy flow for people to traverse smoothly inside and outside the home. Not to mention, your guests will likely be impressed with your ingenuity of using a garage door for this purpose. If it starts raining, simply close the doors and continue the party inside.


You don’t always have to replace your garage doors to repurpose the garage. If you want the ultimate workshop, the car should remain outside. Garages are ideal spaces for artists, woodworkers, crafters, and hobbyists.

Once you stop using the garage for a car or storage, it opens up so much customizable space for your easel, workbenches, model car enthusiasts, and anyone who needs more than a small extra room in the house to work on projects.

With proper insulation and upgrades, the garage can represent a way to extend your family’s living space year round.

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