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Four Upgrades for the Modern Garage

While the garage is often a secondary priority behind your main living space, renovations, updates, and upgrades to your garage can increase your home’s value, save you money, and simplify your life. While an investment such as renovation or upgrading equipment should be carefully considered and planned before undertaking, these common changes can be completed with relative ease and speed.

Garage Door Opener

Does opening your garage door wake family members inside? Does the noise give you a headache to start your day? If you have these issues or if your door is slow to open and close, the opener system may be due for an update. New equipment featuring belt and screw drives are quieter and more reliable than traditional chain drive counterparts. Quiet, dependable performance and modern safety features make an opener system upgrade an easy decision, especially if you’ve experienced intermittent issues with your old system. Openers typically have occasional performance issues as they near the end of their useful life, so contact a professional if you’ve experienced repeated trouble opening your garage door.

Door Seals

Poor seals on your garage door can allow the weather outside to get into your home. Encroaching rain, snow, cold, and heat can turn your functional space into an unpleasant experience. When coupled with the potential impact of an uninsulated garage door, poor seals can be a nightmare for homeowners. If water, dirt, bugs, and debris are entering your garage through a poor seal, you can easily solve this problem: DIY kits are relatively easy to install and will help keep the great outdoors where they belong – outside.

Garage Door Insulation

To help reduce your heating and cooling costs, you should consider insulating your garage door. Foam boards are easily measured, cut, and placed between the panels of your door, making this an easy and effective upgrade to your garage. Note that adding these boards to your door means your spring will need to be adjusted or potentially replaced due to the added weight. Overloaded springs can cause damage to your door, opener system, and potential injuries should one snap with a person nearby. You should contact a professional for a consultation before undertaking this update.

A New Garage Door

If your garage door is dated or has visible damage, you should consider replacing it outright. While a costly update, your garage door can make up a large portion of your home’s visibility from the street and can have a negative impact on curb appeal if it is outdated or ugly. Updated garage doors can improve your home’s facade and contribute to a higher overall home value. New design and construction options can also contribute to an improved performance overall, making this a functional and aesthetic change. Many styles are available to accommodate a variety of garage door sizes, allowing homeowners to select a garage door that fits their style and budget.

Many headaches related to your garage can easily be fixed with small upgrades and updates. Reclaim your space and keep it functional for your life. Schedule a consultation with us today to determine a solution to your garage door challenges.


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