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Which Garage Door is Right for You?

It’s likely you’re considering an array of choices when it comes to home remodels, everything from flooring, tiling, paint chips, appliances–an endless number of options to suit your tastes and budget. There’s one more thing you should consider when updating your home: the garage door.

Garage door options have exploded exponentially in the past decade or so. You’ll want to weigh your many options for this prominent and frequently-used part of your home.

A garage door replacement could be the key to recouping remodeling costs because it increases the resale value. Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report indicates that a new garage door could boost the value of your home by about $2,810. According to the National Association of Realtors®, a garage door replacement recovers 87% of your investment. That puts it among the remodeling projects with the highest return on investment, based on the association’s Remodeling Impact Report. However, it also depends on where you live. You can expect to get a 110% or more ROI in Western states.

Types of garage doors

Among the most distinguishing aspects of garage doors are the variations in materials and functionality. Once you choose from doors made of wood, wood composite, fiberglass, steel, vinyl and aluminum, you can decide on models, including overhead doors and tilt-up garage doors. Most newer garage doors also are built to accommodate automation, including smart devices that can be programmed to open remotely or when your vehicle arrives at your home.

The following list some of the major types of garage doors you’ll find in the market today.

Wood and wood composite garage doors. The market has responded to consumer demand for natural beauty and natural-looking materials inside and outside of the home. If you prefer authentic wood, good choices include redwood, Douglas fir, and cedar. Wood does have a downside: regular maintenance. Since wood can warp with exposure to harsh weather, you will need to have it refinished every two to three years.

If you like the look of wood but don’t want the upkeep, wood composite garage doors, which consist of wood frames and fiberboard, offer an authentic appearance require minimal maintenance.

Wood garage doors also offer different open and close options. Modern automatic options are popular, but you can also go for retro tilt-up garage doors that can be opened manually.

Vinyl doors. A popular option in many housing subdivisions, vinyl garage doors are designed to withstand the elements and resistant dents from bicycles, tools, or people going in and out. Although these low-maintenance doors are built for durability, you will have fewer custom options available.

Aluminum garage doors. While aluminum garage doors are becoming more popular due to possible contemporary or traditional facades, they also have the disadvantage of easily denting. These garage doors are lightweight and can be customized with paint and embossing. Tilt-up garage door functionality is a popular option with this material.

Fiberglass garage doors. Fiberglass doors are constructed with an aluminum frame and fiberglass sections, but they are lightweight. These doors are resistant to rusting and cracking. They’re less likely to dent or crack, but can be significantly damaged if hit with force. If you live in a colder climate, you may want to choose another option, however. Fiberglass is not conducive to good insulation.

Steel garage doors. While steel doors are resistant to warping and cracking, they are prone to denting. However, the quality can make a difference in how much damage your garage door can sustain. Opt for 28-gauge steel if you’re looking for quality construction. Most quality steel garage doors are covered with a layer of vinyl or polyester to minimize maintenance, and they can be customized with paint to match your design style.

When building or remodeling your home, the right garage door can be a significant factor in enhancing its appeal as well as its functionality.

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