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Columbus, Indiana Residential Garage Doors

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Residential Garage Doors for Your Columbus Home

Finding the right garage door in Columbus is easy for homeowners when they shop with Midwest Garage Door Systems. We feature the latest garage door styles with the most up-to-date technology in opening systems. Shopping with us means you get top-notch service on all makes and models of residential garage door systems.

From our varied selection of garage doors to our skilled team of installation and service experts, we take care of our garage door needs.

Our selection of garage doors includes top-quality name brands, such as Wayne-Dalton, Amarr, Frantz, and CHI. Whether you need a basic steel door for an outbuilding or you are looking for a cost-effective solution that still offers high style for an attached garage, we have you covered. In addition to a wide array of brands, we also carry numerous door styles. The majority of homes in Columbus feature raised panel styles and we offer them in both steel and fiberglass options.

Determining which garage door style best suits your house can be tough. Understanding the differences between door styles makes the process a little easier.

Traditional Style Garage Doors

Traditional styles are popular choices, and available in fiberglass and steel models.

Fiberglass Garage Doors

Traditional fiberglass doors are long-lasting and feature a protective layer of fiberglass over a steel base. Homeowners choose fiberglass doors because they can be coated with a wood finish, giving a cohesive look to a home. Fiberglass also provides a layer of insulation, so there is less noise and exposure to the elements. These doors look great and serve a variety of practical purposes.

Steel Garage Doors

Traditional Steel doors are more durable than their fiberglass counterparts. Steel doors are the most common option and typically arrive pre-painted and ready for installation. Traditional steel doors are also easily customizable, so we are able to offer doors that suit most garage styles.

Columbus homeowners interested in traditional garage door styles have other decision to make aside from the material of their door. We help you decide how much insulation is needed to protect the garage from extreme heat and cold, and from noise. Your ideal garage door does more than just allow you to enter and exit the garage space – it creates an extension of your living space you can use for storage, home improvement projects, and vehicle maintenance. The right garage door can actually make your life easier.

Carriage House Garage Doors

Traditional doors are not right for everyone. Some homeowners are willing to spend a little more to achieve a certain aesthetic for their home. Our carriage house doors feature old-world charm coupled with modern operating features. Most of these doors are made of steel, so they are sturdy and strong, but they have the look of wood. These doors are low maintenance and ideal for homeowners who put curb appeal at a premium.

Columbus homeowners who want their house to stand out love the look of carriage house doors. Raised panel doors are perfectly functional and look very nice, but carriage house doors take garage door style to another level.

Homeowners who opt to buy a carriage house door from us can choose from a variety of window styles, stains, and hardware. We even offer replica hardware if you are interested in the finer details of exterior home design. Your garage door will have the look and feel of an American classic, but still feature the convenience of a modern door. We can create a door with a two-toned or single color finish, or add a clear protective finish that maintains the pure look of the wood.

Your carriage house door can have a major impact on the style of your home and we understand how important it is for homeowners to select the right door. We help you every step of the way, ensuring you get the look you want. Carriage house doors are even available with extra insulation, so you can upgrade the comfort of your garage.

Whether your main priority is a secure door that is functional and stylish or you want the charm of an older style door without sacrificing any of the functional aspects, we can help.

A garage door is an investment in your home and we want to be sure you get the door that is right for you. Contact us today for more information about upgrading your Columbus home with a new garage door.