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Greenwood, IN Commercial Garage Doors

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Commercial Garage Doors in Greenwood

Greenwood businesses have learned that when it comes to personalized customer service, Midwest Garage is the best choice. We work directly with each business to find the perfect garage door to meet their needs, keeping durability, reliability, and functionality in mind.

Our years of experience have allowed us to form relationships with some of the best garage door manufacturers in the world. These partnerships mean we can connect customers in the Greenwood area with a wide selection of door types.

As we tell our customers, it’s important to know the options available in order to make a great choice. Below are several popular features in commercial garage doors.

Rolling Steel Doors

Businesses of all sizes in all industries choose rolling steel doors for their buildings. Often the steel is corrugated in order to improve durability and includes slats that can feature either a curved or flat design.

The slats can be constructed from hand-dipped galvanize steel, which promises to last through many years of daily use. Doors can also be insulated to protect the interior of a building from outside temperatures.

Rust-Resistant Retainers

A commercial garage door retainer is required to last through many years of exposure to moisture, heat, and extreme cold, while always providing a leak-proof bond with the floor seal below it.

Midwest Garage offers rust-resistant retainers, usually made from rigid aluminum, resist corrosion to provide years of reliable protection from the elements.

Rubber Floor Seal

Most businesses with commercial garage doors have likely noticed the floor seal tends to wear out long before the garage door needs to be replaced.

To keep those replacements to a minimum, Midwest Garage furnishes many of our customers with rubber floor seals, which provides better durability than the vinyl floor seals often used with commercial doors. Rubber is also more resistant to the snow, rain, and wind to which a floor seal will inevitably be subjected.

Durable Locks

For commercial garage door end locks to be most effective, we recommend they be made from cast iron. Our line of cast-iron end locks is affordable, while also resisting wear and rust over time.

This helps keep the slats in place as the garage door is moving, which also increases the longevity of each slat.

We work directly with businesses and residents throughout the Greenwood area to provide personalized solutions for them. Our stellar customer service and dedication to quality have led many customers to recommend us to their friends and associates.