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Residential Garage Door for Your Greenwood Home

Garage doors have come a long way and consumers may choose from a variety of designs and materials. For homeowners in the Greenwood area, the best resource for both style and service is Midwest Garage. Because each home has its own unique style, most homeowners find that a specific type of door works best. For that reason, our specialists work directly with each customer to find the right fit.

While most homeowners choose doors constructed from steel, there are multiple options available. After the door type is chosen, Midwest Garage gives customers a look at the different styles available to fit their home. Standard doors are usually available for immediate installation, but if customers want a more unique style, Midwest Garage can special order it and have it installed as soon as it arrives.

For Greenwood residents, there are a few considerations when choosing a residential garage door. A Midwest Garage representative can further explain these choices for those who have questions.

Garage Door Construction

Residential garage door choices can be broken down into three groups: single-layer, double-layer, and triple-layer construction.

      • Single-layer is ideal for garages that are detached, since single-layer steel doors provide no insulation for the building’s internal contents. Residents don’t have to worry about moisture, though, since single-layer garage doors provide excellent protection against snow, rain, and other weather conditions.
      • Double-layer garage doors are popular with Greenwood customers on a budget, since they offer affordability while providing sufficient insulation for garages attached to homes. In the winter, double-layer doors help keep heat in and in the summer, less cold air escapes.
      • Triple-layer doors offer exceptional protection against outside temperatures. Triple-layer steel garage doors feature superior quality and durability.

Garage Door Visual Appeal

Once a customer has chosen a construction type, Midwest Garage demonstrates the various panel options available. Many customers are familiar with the basic neutral colors that are seen on garage doors throughout the nation. But Midwest Garage offers a wide variety of unique selections, including wood-colored options that add class to any homes.

Whether a homeowner chooses a long-panel design with windows, a ribbed panel design, or one of the other selections available, Midwest Garage will help with every phase of the process.

Once a door has been chosen, installation will be reliable and efficient, giving homeowners the garage door they want. Once installation is complete, we’ll continue to provide customer service to residents as they enjoy years of performance from their Midwest Garage door. For a free consultation, contact Midwest Garage Doors today.