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Indianapolis Commercial Garage Doors

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Quality Commercial Garage Doors In Indianapolis

Indianapolis businesses’ commercial garage doors undergo tremendous demands and use. Unlike residential doors, commercial garage doors experience substantial wear and tear. Furthermore, commercial doors must function at a higher level, withstand continuous use, and withstand the occasional accident.

To achieve all this, durable materials and construction are required for commercial garage doors. Additionally, security is another major consideration that should be taken into consideration during the selection and construction process.

Commercial Rolling Steel Garage Doors

Rolling steel doors provide businesses with security without using virtually any space.

In addition, while providing security to your business, rolling steel doors can be constructed to meet your businesses’ design needs and fire safety requirements. Rolling steel doors can be constructed to operate quietly and smoothly.

Commercial Aluminum Garage Doors

Aluminum garage doors are well-suited for commercial and industrial applications requiring bright light and visibility.

If you’re looking for something that’s more modern and attractive, then aluminum garage doors are an excellent choice for your business.

Commercial applications of aluminum garage doors include:

  • fire stations
  • retail spaces
  • auto dealerships
  • restaurants
  • auto service stations
  • commercial office spaces

Full Range of Commercial Garage Door Options

There are countless options available today for your business’ commercial doors. Choosing the right option will not only provide you with an attractive and functional door, but also one that provides your business with an added blanket of security.

Midwest Garage Door Systems offer you a comprehensive selection of commercial garage doors. You’ll receive the ideal solution for your garage door needs and problems.

In addition, our commercial garage door experts will help you meet any specifications necessary, including complex applications.

Furthermore, Midwest Garage Door Systems has partnered with several of the best garage door manufacturers to offer you a very broad range of doors to meet your needs, as well as providing you with affordable, competitive prices.

Durable Commercial Garage Door Features

Unlike residential garage doors, business garage doors undergo substantial wear, tear, and use over their lifespan.

When selecting a garage door for your business or commercial needs, you need a door that can stand up against numerous, frequent openings and closing – without breaking down or getting stuck. Moreover, with so many types of commercial garage doors on the market, how should you choose the doors that are best for your business or commercial needs?

Choosing Your Indianapolis Commercial Garage Door

When deciding among commercial garage doors, there are certain factors you must take into consideration.  And, once you know what these factors are, you’ll be better equipped to select the door that will provide you with the most reliable and consistent use over many years.

The factors you need to understand are door construction, corrosion-resistant retainers, rubber floor seals, cast-iron end locks, and fire rating.

Commercial Door Construction

The material of choice for commercial garage doors is “steel.” In fact, rolling steel doors (heavy-duty, industrial) a popular choice. Rolling steel provide your business with a door featuring multiple slats (curved or flat). Furthermore, rolling steel doors with slats undergoing hot-dip galvanization provide businesses with years of worry-free use.

Corrosion-Resistant Retainer

Commercial garage doors have a retainer, located at the bottom, that’s susceptible to corrosion and rust. Snow, rain, and salt cause your garage door’s retainer to corrode over time. However, businesses that use retainers that are resistant to corrosion, such as rigid aluminum, will remain dirt and debris free for years to come.

Rubber Floor Seal

More durable than vinyl seals, rubber floor seals are better able to stand up against harsh Indianapolis weather, including extreme temperatures and wind.

Cast-Iron End Locks

To reduce wear and tear over time, end locks are made from cast iron. Cast iron end locks stop the slats from moving. In addition, cast iron is affordable and can be treated with a corrosive-resistant protective coating.

Fire Rating

Meeting fire safety standards can be a challenge for a lot of businesses. Therefore, find a garage door with ratings of UL, ULC, or FM. These ratings indicate that the garage door meets the standards of fire safety of Underwriters Laboratories or Factory Mutual.

For over 30 years, Midwest Garage Door Systems has been successfully serving, installing, and maintaining commercial garage doors. Contact us today for help.