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Indianapolis Residential Garage Doors

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Choosing the Right Residential Garage Door for Your Indianapolis Home

Garage doors still go up and down, but just about everything else about them has changed dramatically.

Advanced materials, extensive selections and advanced electronics blend into a consumer wonderland

Regardless of your taste in style Midwest Garage Door Systems has the garage door of your choice.

We offer:

  • Top manufacturers: Frantz, CHI, Amarr, and Wayne-Dalton
  • A variety of styles: traditional, classic, modern and custom
  • New smart technology in garage door openers
  • Superior service on almost all makes and models of residential garage door systems.

Our team of experienced and skilled service and installation experts arrives on time and ready to meet or exceed your needs.

Garage doors come with standard raised panels of squares and rectangles. Most of the homes in the Indianapolis area feature the raised panel style, offered in both steel and fiberglass.

Traditional Style Residential Garage Doors

When is a steel garage door not a steel garage door? When it is pre-painted with long-lasting polyester material, or has a fiberglass coating. Steel doors are the most popular, with manufacturers usually providing them pre-painted with a durable polyester finish. ABC Residential Garage Doors can also more easily customize steel doors to fit irregular door openings.

Some customers want a fiberglass coating that has a wood finish, providing the warm appearance of wooden garage doors, while still providing the strength of steel.

Fiberglass also insulates against noise and the elements. This cost saving feature is a pleasing bonus to homeowners.

In addition to garage door materials, Midwest Garage Door Systems also helps customers determine the amount of insulation that is best. Insulation keeps garage areas warmer in the cold months and cooler in the heat of summer. This is a rewarding feature for those who spend large amounts of time in the garage.


Carriage House Style Garage Doors

With the appeal of the old swing-open doors, the Carriage House style doors provide modern overhead operation. A great many designs employ steel and other materials to replicate the appearance of real wood. A handsome garage door is the result, one that demands very little upkeep.

The right garage door can enhance your home’s unique character. With dozens of door and window designs, and a generous array of replica hardware, your lovely new Carriage House door becomes a unique creation. If you have trouble locating your new dream door, Midwest Garage Door Systems can create it in our custom door facility.

Although Carriage House doors have a different style from the raised-panel units, they have the same steel construction and the wood-grain appearance option. Carriage House garage doors require very only a modest amount of maintenance, allowing homeowners the enjoyment of many years of enjoyable use.

Carriage House doors also offer a wide variety of window options, each adding a unique appearance. The professionals at Midwest Garage Door Systems work with homeowners to determine the window styles that best meets meet their needs.  Replica door fittings and hardware can further enrich the door’s looks.

A variety of stains are also available. Homeowners may prefer a painted versus wood finish.

While Carriage House doors can cost a little more than traditional residential doors, many homeowners find that they not only add a touch of class, they also increase the value of the home.