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Indianapolis Garage Doors Service

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Service for Your Indianapolis Garage Door

We provide a full range of garage and commercial door services to homeowners and business owners in the Indianapolis area. This includes repairs and maintenance on garage doors in need of electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, and welding repairs.

We offer professional, dependable service that includes:

Speedy attention with appointments typically available within 24 hours
On-call round-the-clock emergency service
Certified, insured, and bonded factory-trained service technicians
One-year warranties on all parts and labor

Garage and Commercial Door Maintenance for Indianapolis Home and Business Owners

Routine maintenance on garage and commercial doors can prevent a number of serious problems. Something as simple as oiling the mechanical parts and cleaning the sensors extends the life of a door. A little time and money invested in routine maintenance has many long-term benefits and keeps doors in top working condition.

A maintenance service agreement ensures garage and commercial doors receive attention before they break down. A service agreement offers:

  • Improved door performance:  Doors that receive cleaning and tune-ups on a regular basis are more energy efficient than neglected doors.
  • Troubleshooting:  Spotting and fixing minor problems prevents them from becoming serious issues that stop a door from working at all.
  • Less downtime:  Broken doors prevent customers from entering a business. Routine maintenance prevents interruptions and ensures people can access your space when needed.
  • Discounts on Repair Services:  Despite reducing the number of repairs and replacements needed with regular maintenance, eventually service will be needed. We offer discounts to clients with maintenance agreements.
  • Peace of Mind:  Knowing you can rely on a professional company that gets the job done when needed puts you at ease. Whether you are a business owner whose customers and employees gain entry to your space via a commercial door or you are a homeowner who relies on a garage door to allow entry and exit from a home, we can help.

How Often Do You Need Routine Maintenance?

We suggest home and business owners have their garage and commercial doors checked once a year. An annual check includes an assessment of the springs and safety features, as well as lubrication of the moving parts and tracks. Should a problem occur between annual checks, we are always available to remedy the problem.

Door Upgrades for Your Home or Business

We offer one of the widest selections of commercial and residential garage door products in the Indianapolis area. Whether you are updating an existing space or moving to a new home or building, we can help you choose and install the right door now, and provide service and maintenance for the life of the door.

Our selection of doors includes:

  • Residential and commercial garage doors
  • High speed doors
  • Roll up doors
  • High impact doors
  • Cooler and freezer doors
  • Dock Doors
  • Overhead doors

For prompt and expert service on your residential or commercial garage door, contact us today.