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Noblesville, IN Residential Garage Doors

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Residential Garage Doors in Noblesville, Indiana

Each homeowner has personal preferences when it comes to residential garage door styles. At Midwest Garage Doors, we honor this individuality by carrying a wide variety of colors and designs in our garage doors. We can install everything from traditional raised-panel doors to more contemporary carriage house-style doors that match your home’s unique style.

In addition to aesthetics, your door should provide long-term durability and protection against the elements. Midwest Garage Doors has a full selection of garage doors, with the ability to custom order a design to meet more specialized needs. For most Noblesville residents, doors made of steel construction are the best option, meeting all of the needs specific to area residents.

Benefits of Steel

Steel construction is popular in part due to its ease of care. Steel doors are easy to clean and maintain and there are varying levels of insulation available depending on the model a homeowner chooses. Residential garage doors are available in single-layer, double-layer, and triple-layer construction, depending on your budget and particular home layout.

For limited budgets, single-layer construction can provide the look and functionality you want at an affordable price. These doors are best for garages with limited need for insulation against the elements, since they lack the protection of doors made from thicker construction. If a garage is merely used to store automobiles and belongings, this door may be a great option, since single-layer doors provide no protection against heat loss.

Greater Insulation

Both double-layer and triple-layer steel construction provide greater protection against heat loss than single-layer residential garage doors. Double-layer doors provide the same lasting construction as a single-layer door with the addition of custom-fit insulation panels. These panels contain insulation that ranges in protection from R-6 to R-8, helping retain the heat in your garage so that you can remain comfortable throughout the cold winter months.

Midwest Garage Doors also stocks premium residential garage doors made from triple-layer steel construction. These doors up the insulation quality to as much as R-15, with door thickness ranging from 1-3/8” to 2”. Many of these doors come with a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, giving a lasting durability that can offset the higher purchase price.

Homeowners in Noblesville can trust Midwest Garage Doors for residential garage door needs. With a variety of options, you can have the classy, elegant look you want at the right price point. Contact us today for more information or a free consultation.