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Maximize Garage Storage with a Side Mount Garage Door Opener

High ceilings aren’t just favored inside the home these days–expansive space is being built into garages, allowing for extra storage among other uses. This does call for a new approach to garage doors, since traditional structures, which use a centrally-placed trolley bar, cut into the above fly space and block access. Side-mount garage door openers are a solution to the problem because they move the pulley system to either side of the guide tracks and give you more room overhead. Is a side-mount garage door right for you? Read on.

Best uses for a side mount garage door

Also called jackshaft garage door openers, side mounts work in both commercial and residential environments. Though they may be more expensive, side mount openers can be ideal solutions for specific circumstances, including:  

Creating overhead storage. Because side mount openers fit to the side of the garage door, you have more usable space above.  

Irregular garage dimensions. A traditional door needs 48 inches of space above the door and sufficient depth to accommodate raising and lowering. If the garage lacks appropriate depth or has a low ceiling, this option just won’t work. Likewise, if the door is 12 or more feet high, you will have overhead space that can be used productively. Both scenarios are ideal for a side mount structure.

A blocked overhead space. Pipes or other obstructions can get in the way of the trolley bar in a traditional garage door setup, but don’t affect side mount operation.

Living space above the garage. Traditional garage doors are noisy! Side mounts tend to be much more quiet, which can be a very favorable option in adjacent or overhead living spaces.

Using a car lift. DIY mechanics won’t be hindered if they need to raise their car to change the oil or replace a tire. Using a lift is effortless when the overhead space is clear.

The garage door opener won’t be positioned above your car with a side mount system, which could be a plus for some car owners. Others may appreciate being able to use other types of pulley systems in its place. Whatever the structure of your garage space, Midwest Garage can find the best opener. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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