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How to Recover From Garage Door Vandalism

Maintaining a well-kept garage door sends a message to your neighborhood. But what if someone posted and unwanted message to your neighborhood using your property? Vandalism on your garage door is upsetting. It’s best to remove as soon as possible before it causes concern for your community.

Can vandalism encourage violence in your neighborhood?

Vandalism can raise questions about public safety. For example, if you allow graffiti to stay on your property, it sends the message that the neighborhood is not safe. Graffiti is typically associated with less secure neighborhoods. The National Association of Realtors supports the theory, that eyesores like graffiti can encourage disorderly behavior and lead to more crime. But it’s not just crime you have to worry about, some states charge a fine.   

Keep your property beautiful

According to an IndyStar article, if a homeowner does not clean graffiti off their property, the city of Indianapolis can fine you $50.00 within 30 days of the notice. Keep Indianapolis Beautiful is a non-profit organization that provides paint and brushes at homeowners’ request for graffiti clean up. The program is called Graffiti Abatement, in which supplies are provided to anyone looking to clean up graffiti on their property. Maybe you live in a different Midwest location: you still have options. Each city has a program dedicated to keeping graffiti off private and public property.

Cleaning tips that won’t damage your garage door

Graffiti does not inflict permanent damage to your property, it’s more of an irritant. Before you tackle the problem understand what you’re up against. Cleaning spray paint or permanent marker off your garage door requires understanding the type of garage door you own.

For example, aluminum garage doors can be cleaned immediately. You can purchase a general purpose solvent designed for graffiti removal. These items are found at any hardware store. Other graffiti removal products include:

  1. Stove-cleaner: allow it to sit on paint for 15 minutes before removing
  2. Paint thinner or enamel remover: pour a quarter-size amount on an old rag and apply it to the affected area
  3. Graffiti removal brand: check with your garage door supplier before buying a specific brand

The solvents designed for aluminum and steel doors will damage a wooden door. Cleaning a wooden requires grease fighting soap and a medium soft brush. Scrub in the direction of the woodgrain. Once the paint is removed, use sandpaper to smooth the surface, spray the garage door with water, and repaint or add stain protection if you prefer.

If your garage door is tagged with graffiti but it’s too difficult to repair yourself, contact your local garage door company for a free quote. This way, you’re participating in a community effort to keep your neighborhood safe.  

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